man gataro: even more master strokes

If there’s one thing the past few years of modest visitor counts has proven, people are starved for Man Gataro. The relatively enigmatic Japanese comicker was first featured on this very blog back in 2009, and it looks like people still search for any kind of fleeting glimpse of his work to this day.

Thus, I bring you even more Man Gataro!

The following is a quick selection from the pages of Chinyuki, which is the author’s own twisted take on the classic Journey to the West story. As was the case with the previous scan, it doesn’t really take much knowledge of the language to appreciate this sequence at its most primal level. Sure, it helps, but I think these images mostly speak for themselves…

Note: Read from right to left

mangataro1 mangataro2 mangataro3 mangataro4 mangataro5 mangataro6 mangataro7 mangataro8 mangataro9 mangataro10 mangataro11 mangataro12

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wer ist buttmuscle?

If you follow me on the many social media platforms I dominate on a daily basis, you’ve likely been pulling your hair out, rocking back and forth in a cold corner pleading, “WHO IS BUTTMUSCLE?” for the past week or so.


Well, clearly he’s one of the world’s newest, freshest heroes, but there’s much more to Buttmuscle than a simple one-off picture. You may not get your answer right away, but the image below should help you rest assured that one day—perhaps a day not far from this very one in which we’re all currently living and breathing—you will.

photo (1)

Stay tuned…

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As we all know, there’s no greater symbol of self-reverence than Rick Ross. That’s why I’m here to provide the countless Rozay fans out there with a means to wear their eternal respect, loudly proclaiming their love for M-M-M-M-Maybach Music.

Consider this a DIY guide. All you need to pull off the tattoo below is a few hundred dollars, a beer gut, and some medium to large breasts.


BONUS: A while (couple years?) ago, rad comic artist James Harvey set up the occasional activity on his tumblr, and one tasked everyone with replacing Rick Ross’s missing hood ornament by drawing it back on his whip. Here’s the one I contributed:


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click to enlarge

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wanpaku graffiti

While walking around Dublin the other day we ended up stumbling into a backstreet (boys) that opened up to reveal a lot absolutely loaded with graffiti. Every wall had an intricate design on it—some more interesting than others, of course, but there was more than enough cool art to warrant busting out the camera.

P1060190 P1060191 P1060193 P1060194 P1060195 P1060197 P1060198 P1060199 P1060200 P1060201

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Here’s a short comic you can enjoy on this fine Sunday afternoon.












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enemy mine

Everyone knows the best thing about instruction manuals and guides are the rogues galleries and bestiaries therein. That’s why, to benefit both myself and my readers, I’ve taken all the enemy pages from the glorious Official Nintendo Player’s Guide and put them in one handy place.

Click to enlarge the bad boys below.

commando gng goonies2 ikari2 ikari1 kidic kungfu1 kungfu2 mario metroid rygar vania zelda

Special thanks to my man Sherv for hooking me up with a digital version of the guide

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