dumb as hell comix

YOU'RE trapped in here with ME

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film punks


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bring wart back 2014

I’m leaving for Dublin again in a few hours, so subhumanzoids will soon be broadcasting from overseas once more. In the meantime, I leave you with the watercolor painting below, which I did for a commission last month.


See ya!

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snow & co.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to write about this, but I ordered this Snow & Co. mini-comic last time I was in Dublin. It worked out nicely because I saw it posted over at the Eaten by Ducks blog and was close enough to make shipping inexpensive.


Pictured above is just the cover and a mish-mash of interior images I stitched together. You can see more at that link, but yeah, it’s a pretty beautiful little comic. The story itself is simple and fun, and the character designs are great. There’s a little bit of Adventure Time flavor in there, especially the look of Lady Birdwing.

After reading it I was really interested in what materials were used, because it has such a warm, painted look to it. Thanks to the wonders of The Internet I emailed the guy who sold it to me and he relayed my question to the author, Dieter Van der Ougstraete , who responded with the following:

Snow & Co. was painted in acrylic, watercolors and mostly gouache.
I used regular color markers for the text.
The pages are painted on big sheets of aquarelle paper.
I’ve then later added the text in photoshop.

Definitely recommended if you can get your hands on a copy!

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bashfulball1 bashfulball2

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triangle trash

I don’t post about music much on here, but one of my favorite bands has a new EP out on bandcamp today, warranting a quick heads up at the very least. Cheap Dinosaurs are the best; I can’t possibly begin to count how many times I listened to their self-titled album, and they also have a really good cover album of Goblin tracks titled, appropriately, Cheap Dinosaurs Plays Goblin.

Lucky folks who were at this year’s MAGFest—an event I had to miss out on for the first time in the past four years or so—were able to grab a physical copy of the new EP, triangle trash. Now it’s up for everyone else to listen to and download on bandcamp.


I’ve already jammed it a bunch, and while it’s still too early to call it by most sane standards, I don’t have much problem saying it’s better than their s/t. It’s solid from beginning to end, and it even has a song called “Luster.” Who can argue with that? Get it.

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buttmuscle: comin’ at ya!


Get ready for more Buttmuscle, comin’ at ya soon!

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