the heat is on

Alright, so we’re now officially a little over halfway through the watercolor experiment. I busted out number six last night, all the while asking myself why I keep choosing to draw things that require at least some kind of proficiency in perspective. Today I’ll be doing something much different, but for now you can enjoy watercolor vi below.


For those keeping score—first, I need to know what criteria you’re using and why you’re even bothering to keep score—here’s the handy postcard-sized lineup so far:


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down, down, down


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watercolor double whammy

Since WordPress was being a real piece of junk yesterday I couldn’t post the previous night’s watercolor, so today you get a double whammy! I’m trying to do one a day until I go through this ten-pack of paper, so there’s still more lovin’ in the oven.



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the triforce of radness

Katsuya Terada is a damn fine artist, and his illustrations for various entries in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series are among my favorite pieces of all time. The scale represented can be downright overwhelming, and each one displays remarkable use of color and generous helpings of imagination. NES games looked like this to kids back then thanks to all the gorgeous artwork that assisted in broadening their scope beyond the system’s capabilities. 

Here are but a few of Terada’s Zelda drawings. If you want more, it’s all but a simple search away.

original (1) original original-1

Naturally, when gearing up for last night’s practice with watercolors, I used Terada as an inspiration. While the end result is nowhere near the spectacle above, I’m sure you can see where the idea originated.


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the neutrinos are too cool for school

I’m messing around with watercolors this week, which means I’ll have a bunch of artwork to post that may or may not actually be successful uses of watercolor. That’s okay, because I started with the Neutrinos from Ninja Turtles last night.


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Get ready to raise your spooky levels to the MAX with a very special Halloween comic!

exhibit_title exhibit1 exhibit2 exhibit3 exhibit4 exhibit5

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halloween hype: the drifting classroom soundtrack

I’ll probably post about this every Halloween for the rest of my life. Nearly four years ago in November of 2009 I composed and released a chiptune soundtrack to Kazuo Umezu’s incredible The Drifting Classroom manga. Such a stunning creative effort on my part caused my formerly vibrant body to become an exhumed husk, doomed to wheeze nothing but fumes for the years that would follow.

You can STILL listen to and download it for free. Play it at a Halloween party!

I’ve mentioned it before, but the REALLY AWESOME thing about The Drifting Classroom soundtrack is it’s 100% Kazuo Umezu approved! The rad dudes at the Tokyo Scum Brigade blog actually brought a copy to the master himself, who can be seen posing enthusiastically with it in his home in Japan.


The image above remains the coolest thing in the world to me.

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