three questions: jules carrozza marches on with alison

Has it really been almost two years since we last sat down with Jules Carrozza, known to some longtime readers of this blog as Kojiro Abe? Yes indeed, and his first feature, Alison in Wonderland, has still yet to be released. Thus, when Jules stopped by the sewer-grate-steamin’ subhumanzoids back-alley with a new “sneak preview” trailer for […]

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jlr exclusive: an(other) interview with jules carrozza

Longtime followers of this blog who migrated over from the original Joseph Luster Report are no doubt familiar with independent filmmaker Jules Carrozza, or his more notorious former moniker, Kojiro Abe. If you’re just joining us, stop by some of the classic posts for a bit of a refresher course, or just start watching some […]

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