the title fight cometh

I posted this over on the Patreon last week, but I wanted to make sure everyone here knows what’s going on with Big Dumb Fighting Idiots, too. The next update will be a batch that includes the full Skateboard Battle (Jungle Zone Rules) between Skaterat and Motif, because I just think it works better than splitting an intense action scene up into small bites.

Here’s a promo image I whipped up in Portugal:


In the meantime, consider supporting subhumanzoids on Patreon for further updates! I plan on posting in-progress pages of the battle there while I work on the full thing (which is panning out to be maybe 10 pages or so). Thumbnailing has been challenging but I almost have it all laid out.


inktober 2016: the first 10 days

Last year was my first time participating in Inktober, which is basically just a good excuse to produce a drawing each day in October. I enjoyed myself, clearly, because I’m doing it again! Here are the results of the first 10 days, most of which were taken by my phone and run through any number of brightening filters on Instagram.

Day 1: Some kinda Castlevania dude preparing to scale this other big ol’ dude


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buttmuscle… he’s so REEEEAL

I hate to tease people with this, because there’s only one in existence and it’s already been given away, but I recently made a custom Buttmuscle figure using one of those blank Munny dolls. See how it turned out below, and if you don’t know who Buttmuscle is you should read his first and second comics!



The box:IMG_2760 IMG_2761

The bottom is also numbered  and signed, naturally.

the albatross sample pages

I’m goin’ nuts working on a bunch of stuff I can’t post about at the moment, so I thought I’d share the opening pages of my latest comic, The Albatross. Unfortunately the print version has been delayed a bit while I dig around for the best printing options and prepare for fast-approaching holiday trips, but in the meantime the digital version is FREE over at Gumroad!

Here’s how it begins:

print_albatross1 copy 2 print_albatross2 copy 2 print_albatross3 copy 2 print_albatross4 copy 2 print_albatross5 copy 2

Grab the full 28-page comic in PDF form at Gumroad!