the albatross [full comic]

We’re still on hiatus from BDFI and I’m currently working on another comic with Wes that you’ll be seeing in the not-too-distant future, but I thought I’d keep the blog gears spinnin’ with a return to The Albatross. You might remember when I previously shared this short comic as a PDF, first for money and then for free. Well, it’s been a while and I still haven’t had a chance to print it, so I’m just going to share all 28 pages here. Enjoy!

albatross_web_0 albatross_web_1 albatross_web_2 albatross_web_3 albatross_web_4 albatross_web_5 albatross_web_6 albatross_web_7 albatross_web_8 albatross_web_9 albatross_web_10 albatross_web_11 albatross_web_12 albatross_web_13 albatross_web_14 albatross_web_15 albatross_web_16 albatross_web_17 albatross_web_18 albatross_web_19 albatross_web_20 albatross_web_21 albatross_web_22 albatross_web_23 albatross_web_24 albatross_web_25 albatross_web_26-27 albatross_web_28

the albatross sample pages

I’m goin’ nuts working on a bunch of stuff I can’t post about at the moment, so I thought I’d share the opening pages of my latest comic, The Albatross. Unfortunately the print version has been delayed a bit while I dig around for the best printing options and prepare for fast-approaching holiday trips, but in the meantime the digital version is FREE over at Gumroad!

Here’s how it begins:

print_albatross1 copy 2 print_albatross2 copy 2 print_albatross3 copy 2 print_albatross4 copy 2 print_albatross5 copy 2

Grab the full 28-page comic in PDF form at Gumroad!

the albatross, now available digitally!

My new comic is here, in digital form at least! The print version will come in a month or so, but for now you can download a copy of The Albatross for $1 on Gumroad. Grab a copy and pop it on your computer, iPad, or whatever other device you have that can read PDFs!

print_albatross0_cover copy

Description from Gumroad:

When The Albatross comes to town, it’s rarely for something as innocent as a handshake or a friendly pint at the saloon. Find out what he wants with one of his greatest idols in THE ALBATROSS, a high-flying standalone story told in 28 pages.