tax comix

A fleeting fantasy that popped in my head at the tax office.

taxcomic1 taxcomic2

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gas baby is back


It was almost 11 years ago that I started my comic Gas Baby. Wow! Ugh? Wow…

It may be old, but it’s not that long. I would pick it up and put it down from time to time. Once I came back after, like, four years, and it looks like I’m doing that again! New pages will be coming regularly as part of my own drawing exercise, and the first page of the latest chapter is up here.

If you want to read from the beginning, go here. And keep in mind, the first four chapters were made in 2003-2004! I came back for Chapter V: Blood Brothers around 2009.

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mocca mocca mocca

Working on a few things for the blog today, but I should probably toss in some words about this past weekend’s MoCCA Fest. My girlfriend and I went on Saturday and had a lot of fun walking the exhibitors hall, looking at all the cool minis and proper self-published comics people were selling, and catching up with some good folks on the way.

It was really tough not to spend approximately one thousand US dollars at the show, but I managed to be kind of reasonable. I picked up three issues of Frontier from Youth in Decline‘s booth, nabbed Ada Price‘s beautiful Red mini, and got a copy of Ant Colony, which I promptly handed to Michael DeForge so he could put a sketch and signature in it.

photo 1

Here’s the DeForge drawing:
photo 2

Hopefully next year I’ll be buying and selling there!

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everybody’s doin’ it

void1 void2 voids3

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where is buttmuscle?

It’s finally here! The Buttmuscle story continues in Where is Buttmuscle? If you missed the first part, be sure to read it here, because this picks up right where we left off!


bm2-1 bm2-2 bm2-3 bm2-4 bm2-5 bm2-6 bm2-7








bm2-13 bm2-14 bm2-15 bm2-16


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progress report

Look at all these dang pages! I paneled and penciled all 17 pages of the new Buttmuscle comic yesterday, and today is all inking. Expect it soon!


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the imminent return

He’s coming back soon, but where’s he been?


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