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NEXT TIME: Le Retour

So, it turns out moving states is a great way to fall behind on personal projects! Hence the long gap between Big Dumb Fighting Idiots updates. Nevertheless, we’re BACK, so thanks for sticking around in this months-long lull. It’s a good time to be back, too, because the holidays are right around the corner! Wait, maybe that’s bad… Either way, I’ll get another update done ASAP, because I’m really excited about the rest of this story, and I hope you are too.

Remember, it’s never too late to spread the word about BDFI!

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NEXT TIME (Thurs 3/17, 1:00pm EST): Weapon (don’t) get

Oh wow, we’re over the 40-page mark for BDFI! I don’t know why I couldn’t just wait 10 more pages to get excited, but that’s fine, I’ll just get excited again at 50. This still hasn’t passed my longest comic yet, though, so there’s plenty of work to do!

I was very drunk when I did the line art for page 41. I thought maybe I would have to redo it but I ended up liking it and thought it was pretty good for a real drunk run. I promise I am normally just very wired on coffee when I make comics!

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NEXT TIME (Thurs 3/4, 1:00pm EST): Punch Freely!

Who in the world wouldn’t want to play Punch Freely? Looks like a perfectly solid game to me. I guess we’ll find out in next week’s Big Dumb Fighting Idiots! Anyway, MAGFest was good! I met a few Big Dumb Idiots, which is what fans of this comic are called now. You, too, can be a Big Dumb Idiot!