gas baby isn’t back

I kept meaning to make a post about this, even though it normally wouldn’t warrant one. However, back in April I made a bold claim, exclaiming, “Gas Baby is back!” Cue people leaping from their theater seats, backflipping in the streets, and just plain goin’ wild on their feet.

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, Gas Baby is not back! At the time I was hit with a bolt of enthusiasm after reading through the entirety of the series again, and I was bound and determined to resurrect it and pick up right where I left off. It took about a week for me to realize that’s just not possible.


I started Gas Baby over a decade ago (!) around 2003. I was drawing it straight to ballpoint on spare printer paper while holed up in the library of the University of Louisville. It was a distraction to studying and I thought it was funny. It turned out some other people liked it, too, so I kept it going, eventually finishing up a few chapters before putting it down for a couple years. Then I picked it up again in 2009 and used my newfound love for Prismacolor markers to fuel some full-color flights of fancy.

After that it went away for a few more years, and a lot happened in that time. I valiantly tried to continue the story, but it’s just not a story I’m excited enough to tell anymore. I know everything that happens in Gas Baby, and if you want to know I’ll give you the elevator pitch, but my wheelhouse has expanded and shifted and uprooted itself and evolved to walk on all fours and traverse a fantastic landscape and so on.

Gas Baby will live on in our hearts. Maybe that’s enough.

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