two of a vine: never too late for ebola

Two of a Vine is back with more California Raisins action in a new six-page comic!

If you’re just joining us, the first issue of Two of a Vine saw our heroes, Wes and Joe, finding an unbelievably cheap apartment… with one catch: California Raisins only. Thankfully the Raisins don’t seem to notice Wes and Joe are just two guys in dumpy, gutter Raisin costumes, and so they live amongst them in the most bizarre of luxury.

You can read the second issue, our Dryfolds Night Halloween special, here. And now, without further ado, enjoy Never Too Late for Ebola!

vine-nevertoolate_cover vine-nevertoolate1 vine-nevertoolate2 vine-nevertoolate3 vine-nevertoolate4 vine-nevertoolate5 vine-nevertoolate6

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