the title fight cometh

I posted this over on the Patreon last week, but I wanted to make sure everyone here knows what’s going on with Big Dumb Fighting Idiots, too. The next update will be a batch that includes the full Skateboard Battle (Jungle Zone Rules) between Skaterat and Motif, because I just think it works better than splitting an intense action scene up into small bites.

Here’s a promo image I whipped up in Portugal:


In the meantime, consider supporting subhumanzoids on Patreon for further updates! I plan on posting in-progress pages of the battle there while I work on the full thing (which is panning out to be maybe 10 pages or so). Thumbnailing has been challenging but I almost have it all laid out.


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NEXT TIME: Boney Rat’s Pro Skater

Oh man, I’m really excited about this next part. I don’t have much to add here! Oh, except for the fact that I’m back to doing everything digitally; I hope it’s not too jarring. Things are about to get really busy for a bit, but I’m gonna try and keep up as much as possible. In the meantime, check out my Patreon and support BDFI if ya like!

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NEXT TIME: Return of the Rat

Phew. We’re finally back in action! Hopefully these four new pages AND the return of Skaterat make up for the fact that we just missed a couple weeks. The schedule might be rocky for the next month or so—I’m getting married in Portugal in May!—but we’ll keep it goin’ strong. There’s still a lot of ground to cover.

In the meantime, if you dig what you’ve been seeing on this site, consider supporting it on Patreon! More behind the scenes stuff is comin’ for that page, too, so that should tide you over between updates.

big dumb fighting idiots 50


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NEXT TIME: Do the Gator

As you may have noticed, these pages are late! As you may have ALSO noticed, I drew them on paper rather than digitally. Hence the lateness. I’m making the transition to a new process for this comic, so thanks for hangin’ in there. Let me know what you think. I’m still coloring digitally, but everything else is ink. More on that later, and be sure to check out my Patreon for more behind-the-scenes stuff on making BDFI!

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NEXT TIME: Showtime

Hmmm, I think we’re about to do a fight. Yeah, there’s gonna be a big fight. I was just looking at my outline for this and realized we’re right at the start of the fifth “issue” of BDFI, which is to say this would be the fifth floppy that would come out in comic shops monthly in an alternate reality. So yea, take a big huh-WHIFF of this fresh ish!