monster flight takes off!

This has been years in the making, but I’m finally ready to let everyone board the MONSTER FLIGHT. I’m kicking things off with the cover art and the first 15 pages, including bonus color pages for the intro. If this ever gets published in the future, it will likely be a full-color adventure, but for now enjoy the opening pages in all their spooky Halloween black and white glory. And, as always, please spread the word about MONSTER FLIGHT!


If you’re digging this so far, be sure to read my previous comic, Big Dumb Fighting Idiots, while you wait for more!

more ways to enjoy the idiots!

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If you’ve been looking for more ways to read Big Dumb Fighting Idiots—other than, you know, starting right here—you’re in luck! In a move to make the series more mobile-friendly, I recently started adding it in chapter form over on WEBTOON.

The vertical-scrolling style of the site/app is perfect, and makes it even easier to read BDFI in its entirety. I’ve been uploading chunky chapters, and I’ll probably be done with it and have the full series available to read there in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, feel free to read it there, here—anywhere!—and if you haven’t seen it, sign up for my Patreon to read the comic I’m currently working on, Monster Flight!



It’s a new one-shot for ya! You probably already know that since you just read it, but that’s all there is to it. It’s a simple life we live here at subhumanzoids.

big dumb fighting idiots 71: FINALE



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That’s a wrap on Big Dumb Fighting Idiots! Wow! It’s hard to believe this all started as fake video game box art, which I then decided to dedicate three years of work to…

The first pages of Big Dumb Fighting Idiots went up on November 26, 2015, and now you can read all 203 pages of it.

What comes after this? Well, I have another comic that’s been in the planning stages for a while now, so hopefully I’ll kick that off in some form soon. If I don’t print it first, I’ll serialize it here in some way. I also plan to get BDFI printed on my own, so look out for that!

Oh yeah, and I have more regular content coming, too. Thanks for reading Big Dumb Fighting Idiots!