slime gets its first review!

Hey! It’s hard to believe but it’s been over a month since I debuted Slime, and amazingly there are only a few copies left before the first printing is completely out. I’m not sure if or when there will be a second printing, so if you planned on getting one be sure to grab it while it’s hot.

If you need more than my string-bean synopsis to go by, small press comics review site Optical Sloth has the very first review of Slime up now!


Elsewhere (as in, like, right here at this very desk, but whatever), Wes and I have been hard at work on the next issue of Two of a Vine. It’s almost done, so go ahead and catch up on the series to prepare for the next sizzling chapter!

slime 15-16




THE END! Thanks for reading slime! This was a fun side project to do while working on other things. I wanted to see if I could keep up a strict M/W/F comic schedule and imposed some limitations along the way. The main rule was that I had to do everything straight to ink (I used a small assortment of Prismacolor pens) with no thumbnailing or anything beyond some scribbled scripting. You can probably tell.

I’m going to look into getting slime made into a mini-comic, so I’ll be sure to post when that’s ready.