the albatross, now available digitally!

My new comic is here, in digital form at least! The print version will come in a month or so, but for now you can download a copy of The Albatross for $1 on Gumroad. Grab a copy and pop it on your computer, iPad, or whatever other device you have that can read PDFs!

print_albatross0_cover copy

Description from Gumroad:

When The Albatross comes to town, it’s rarely for something as innocent as a handshake or a friendly pint at the saloon. Find out what he wants with one of his greatest idols in THE ALBATROSS, a high-flying standalone story told in 28 pages.

up next on subhumanzoids

Whooooaaaa, things have been busy lately! I check on the blog regularly, and it’s been tough to resist posting some of the stuff I’ve been working on, but I must! In lieu of actual content today, I thought I’d at least let you know that there’s some fun on the very near horizon.

First, I’ll be switching things up soon with a review of the latest movie from Kojiro Abe, AKA Jules Carrozza, Alison in Wonderland. It’s his first feature, and he’s been a long-time subject of this blog in both its current and previous incarnations, so i’ve been meaning to get my thoughts up on that. Much like the rabbit, I’M LATE.

I just finished up my second mini-comic after Slime (there are a few copies left of that!), so I’m hoping to get that printed and out in the wild sometime in early October. I still have to tone the pages and lay it out, but I recently shared a rough B&W version of the cover on Twitter and Instagram.


Also, in the interest of having more regular content for YOU, I’ll be starting a new webcomic soon. It’s going to be full-color and packed with action and jokes, but I’m not ready to formally announce it yet. Right now I’m in the process of finishing pages in advance so I’ll be able to keep consistent. I’ll just say you’ve seen the characters on the blog before…

slime update and mocca grabs

I updated the Slime page on the site today, because the comic is now available at a couple more shops! In addition to Forbidden Planet NYC and Desert Island (Brooklyn), you can pick up Slime at JHU Comics in NYC and Staten Island.

There are under 10 copies left now, so grab it quick, either in person or on the online shop!


This past weekend was MoCCA Fest in New York, which meant multiple levels of way too many cool comics to buy. I wasn’t able to scratch the surface of what I wanted, but I had a really good time, picked up a few choice comics, and dug the new venue way more than last year’s.

Here’s some of what I grabbed:IMG_1481

Clockwise from top left: A.T. Pratt‘s Good Garbage, Rob Corradetti‘s Artists of Today, Youth in Decline and Jillian Tamaki‘s Frontier #7, Andy Ristaino‘s Night of the Living Vidiots, and Wren McDonald‘s What’s in Brick’s Bag.

slime gets its first review!

Hey! It’s hard to believe but it’s been over a month since I debuted Slime, and amazingly there are only a few copies left before the first printing is completely out. I’m not sure if or when there will be a second printing, so if you planned on getting one be sure to grab it while it’s hot.

If you need more than my string-bean synopsis to go by, small press comics review site Optical Sloth has the very first review of Slime up now!


Elsewhere (as in, like, right here at this very desk, but whatever), Wes and I have been hard at work on the next issue of Two of a Vine. It’s almost done, so go ahead and catch up on the series to prepare for the next sizzling chapter!