slime update and mocca grabs

I updated the Slime page on the site today, because the comic is now available at a couple more shops! In addition to Forbidden Planet NYC and Desert Island (Brooklyn), you can pick up Slime at JHU Comics in NYC and Staten Island.

There are under 10 copies left now, so grab it quick, either in person or on the online shop!


This past weekend was MoCCA Fest in New York, which meant multiple levels of way too many cool comics to buy. I wasn’t able to scratch the surface of what I wanted, but I had a really good time, picked up a few choice comics, and dug the new venue way more than last year’s.

Here’s some of what I grabbed:IMG_1481

Clockwise from top left: A.T. Pratt‘s Good Garbage, Rob Corradetti‘s Artists of Today, Youth in Decline and Jillian Tamaki‘s Frontier #7, Andy Ristaino‘s Night of the Living Vidiots, and Wren McDonald‘s What’s in Brick’s Bag.

mocca mocca mocca

Working on a few things for the blog today, but I should probably toss in some words about this past weekend’s MoCCA Fest. My girlfriend and I went on Saturday and had a lot of fun walking the exhibitors hall, looking at all the cool minis and proper self-published comics people were selling, and catching up with some good folks on the way.

It was really tough not to spend approximately one thousand US dollars at the show, but I managed to be kind of reasonable. I picked up three issues of Frontier from Youth in Decline‘s booth, nabbed Ada Price‘s beautiful Red mini, and got a copy of Ant Colony, which I promptly handed to Michael DeForge so he could put a sketch and signature in it.

photo 1

Here’s the DeForge drawing:
photo 2

Hopefully next year I’ll be buying and selling there!