manual save: splatterhouse wanpaku graffiti

What could possibly follow up the inaugural entry in the new Manual Save feature? Makaimura may be a tough act, but I’ve got something special for you this week, too: Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti! If you haven’t treated yourself to this 1989 Famicom game before, it’s essentially a chibi-fied take on Namco’s Splatterhouse series, complete with an adorable Rick design and plenty of Halloween-friendly frights ‘n freaks. As you’ll see, the instruction manual definitely does this jovial gem justice.

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halloween hype: splatterhouse

Yesterday was a bank holiday here, which is literally the least spooky thing in the world, so forgive me if I neglected to jump up and down screaming about it being the WEEK OF HALLOWEEN! There’s no better time of year, except maybe Christmas, but even that’s debatable.

There’s also no better Halloween game series than Splatterhouse. I recommend everyone pop at least ONE of ’em in this week; even the spectacularly goofy Wanpaku Graffiti would be more than appropriate. While you set up your emulators or dust off your consoles, peep this delightfully devilish drawing I did for the occasion: