the thrilling, savage conclusion

I know, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Daily watercolors officially ended as of Friday, so you can see the savage conclusion below.


All in all I ended up getting pretty comfortable with watercolors over the course of two weeks. I still have plenty to learn, but I’m happy with the way the majority of these turned out. Here’s the final roundup of all ten:


Now to tackle the next challenge. I think I’m going to dig into daily character designs, but I doubt I’ll be posting them every day here. Maybe weekly roundups would be more appropriate. Either way, thanks for indulging two weeks of watercolor experimentation!

tattoo kids & arcade skellingtons

If only that were the name of a rad new game. Instead, it’s the subject of my two most recent watercolors, bringing the total to 8 (of 10). First up is Tuesday’s, which imagines a banned Saturday morning cartoon that was, perhaps, ahead of its time.


Next up, a battle for the ages!


I also have a bonus treat for all the awesome people who drag their air-sacks here to read my blog on a regular basis. Below you’ll see a sample script page, in all its refined glory, for the first Buttmuscle story, followed by a gin-yoo-wine thumbnail page for my Halloween comic, Exhibit.

bmscript exhibitthumbs

I am a professional.

the heat is on

Alright, so we’re now officially a little over halfway through the watercolor experiment. I busted out number six last night, all the while asking myself why I keep choosing to draw things that require at least some kind of proficiency in perspective. Today I’ll be doing something much different, but for now you can enjoy watercolor vi below.


For those keeping score—first, I need to know what criteria you’re using and why you’re even bothering to keep score—here’s the handy postcard-sized lineup so far: