big dumb fighting idiots 64



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NEXT TIME: Lewis, the Hulking Mummy Man! 

Unfortunately, the title of this blog post isn’t a hint at a new video game adaptation. But hey, we’re finally here! It’s Lewis… remember him? The last time we saw him was over two years ago, back on pages 42 and 43. It was a more innocent time. I’m not sure how I’ll be splitting up this fight as far as updates go, but I’ll try and get the next pages up soon.

Thanks for reading!

the complete crystal corridors

crystal corridors

In case you haven’t been following it on Patreon, where it wrapped a couple weeks ago, or Twitter, where the last page was posted today, Crystal Corridors is complete! I originally intended it to be maybe 30 or 40 pages max, but it spiraled to a whopping 70 pages.

I created a page for it so you can read the whole dang thang in one go.


big dumb fighting idiots 63


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NEXT TIME: Catchin’ Up

Hey, finally, it’s everyone’s favorite family of villains again! I think there have been maybe slightly under 10 pages out of 168 focused on these dudes… but they’re schemin’! We’ll see what the next leg of their plan entails soon. Thanks for readin’, and spread the word about BDFI as we approach the climax!