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NEXT TIME: Final Wars 

This update took a while, but it was worth it! Actually, it probably didn’t seem like that long for you, especially compared to previous updates. There are, like, single digit pages left almost… I can’t believe it. Stick around and hold on tight!

Now is also a great time to spread the word about Big Dumb Fighting Idiots! If you like it, let me know, or just tell your friends to read it. We’re in the home stretch, folks. Thank you!

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NEXT TIME: Lewis, the Hulking Mummy Man! 

Unfortunately, the title of this blog post isn’t a hint at a new video game adaptation. But hey, we’re finally here! It’s Lewis… remember him? The last time we saw him was over two years ago, back on pages 42 and 43. It was a more innocent time. I’m not sure how I’ll be splitting up this fight as far as updates go, but I’ll try and get the next pages up soon.

Thanks for reading!

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NEXT TIME: Metal Face Doom

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally had time to get this latest update done. While I was going to wait a few more pages at first, this seems as good a cliffhanger as any. Get ready for a bunch of action in the next few installments as we build up toward the climax. Yep, that’s right, we’re about 3/4 of the way through this thing!

Thanks for reading, and spread the word!