Nemesis Shout-out

Typing that subject line makes me hate today’s rappers even more. Everyone’s shouting out God and Jesus and their “moms” and what-not, but they never deliver boastful WWF-circa-1987 speeches towards their arch-nemeses anymore. I promise that Ducketts Murda will be making a more concerted effort to hate and talk trash about every square inch of Indiana. We got the ball rolling on our myspace page, so check out our latest blog if it’s still up. Even if it’s no longer relevant, make sure you “jam” while you’re there like the two MJs once did!

Speaking of a nemesis– nay, ARCH-nemesis, this blog has its very own! Head on over to the blood-curdling Joseph Luster Retort to see what the “Mad Hater” John Wishon has up his sleeves. I await your rebuttals with the fiercest flame of my heart, you rogue!

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