What, indeed?

I’ve been playing the hell out of Chikyuu Boeigun 2 since it came in the mail earlier today. All that I have to say about it is summed up perfectly by this one paragraph on NCSX’s page, the bold portion of which sums up video-gaming in one inquisitive sentence.

“As ants are killed and blown up, they’ll drop health power-ups, armor, and additional weaponry to pick up. What are they doing with such useful items? The ants attack by biting with their mandibles but a quick gamer may avoid their jaws by running underneath an ant or hiding near a tank or building.”

4 thoughts on “What, indeed?

  1. Brandon said…Hahaha. Damn, that sounds rad. Is this an import only game? Slightly off topic, I’ve got a DS Lite on preorder and I think we need to start talking DS and GBA games stat!

  2. As good as I think NSB is so far, I still think Kirby Canvas Curse is king of the DS. Have you checked out Bleach yet? Its a fighting game on DS by Treasure. I’ve heard its pretty good, and you can play it online even though its import only.-Pat

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