The Edge of Reality

This past weekend was the first ever Louisville edition of the 48 Hour Film Project. BigWig Films had to participate and, naturally, we drew one of the more ridiculous genres: Fantasy.

At the end of the weekend we’ve left the world with TRANSPORTAL, an epic to end all epics starring myself and the young starlet Jennifer Smith (with appearances by writer/co-director John Wishon and DP Bryan Adams as “Enemy Agent #1 and “Enemy Agent #2” respectively).

Our screening (known to our fans as the “World Premiere”) is on Wednesday, so I’ll post it on youtube and this site immediately after. I don’t want anyone in Louisville prepared for their transportation into the world of TRAAAANSPOOOOORTAAAAAAL.

I’ll post more about the production later. I’m going to go reward myself by consuming products at various retail outlets.

4 thoughts on “The Edge of Reality

  1. I was just surfing blogger, constantly hitting the “next blog” button, and here I end-up on a blog from someone who lives in Louisville, KY. I live in Clarksville, IN, just five minutes away from you. Nice to meet you!

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