Return of Sexy Mensch

Well, I didn’t make it to that rad zombie double feature I boasted about, and in the words of Danny Tanner, it was much to my blustery chagrin. This isn’t really something to go to alone; you need a pack of rascals, which I was without! Either that or, like in Demons, you need to be a big black pimp with a couple of unbeweaveable nubian queens.

Back to reality, far away from imagining the botched skyline of a fictional Louisville under the dark crimson oppression of rock and roll zombies. About a month and a half ago, I made a post in these hallowed halls about the late Kojiro Abe’s (now officially J.L. Carrozza) teaser for his newest short Little Red Riding Hood.

The Man of the Hour himself

Well, as foretold by some ancient hovering alien prophecy, the film itself has finally dropped. It’s a doozy. Our boi wonder has come a long way from The Big Toe and Agony & Ecstacy of the Puppets (though no title will ever really reach those heights again). I’m not going to sit here and suck his 19 year-old cock, but some of this gets my pants tight.

Volume One

Volume Two

Bonus sentence: I might actually return one of these Netflix discs if I ever square off 2.5 hours to watch this Akshay Kumar ghetto Bollywood epic.

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