Will the Real Sleestaks Please Stand Up

One thing that I’ve always tried to get across when I write about tokusatsu is that it’s fun. These shows are, and should be viewed as, big dumb action capsules filled with special effects and men in tights. They are also for children. I love watching giant shoes fight multi-colored heroes, and I like when Ultraman’s time on Earth creeps in the danger zone for the 73,372nd time, but I don’t pretend that there’s Something Crucial going on here.

I’ve stressed to people on numerous occasions that, by and large, the community of fans that watch these shows are the most humorless collection of mouth-breathers you could possibly imagine. Even the “professionals” do their extensive work on the topic little justice by coming out of their caves and shaking fact-scribbled sticks at one another before going back to their rooms to watch Japanese stuntmen brutally hump monsters to death.

Here’s a fun example (mull over the replies by August and ZoneFighter)!

Soul-sucking instances like these are exactly why, whenever it comes to fruition, Henshin Pimp will fight for great justice.

3 thoughts on “Will the Real Sleestaks Please Stand Up

  1. Im confused about fireman and i wanted to know if Misaki Daisuke is fireman or does he simply call out fireman ? Are they the same person ? If he is the same person then i dont understand why fireman cant survive in his giant form for more than 3 minutes but his human form can ?Anybody?

  2. “August, your refusal to admit when you’ve made a mistake disgusts me. You said Zone Fighter was immobilized, rendered incapable of moving. That is not a figure of speech.I stand corrected on his name. Some of us can admit when we’ve made a mistake. Try it sometime.”klsadklddscasdcmadl lkf fkl dffdvdfvdfvkjfvfl

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