Monster Lawless Zone

While this will only be of interest to a fraction of you, my review of Ultraman: Season One, Part One just went up on KFCC.

I had to fight the urge to spend the entire review ranting about specific episodes, like one that shares a title with this very blog entry. Regardless of what you think of Ultraman, everyone should check out the set; Netflix it, buy it, whatever. It’s a lot of fun and there’s a ton of variety, whether you’re peepin’ it sober or under the haze of the siren’s gaze.

Did I just Reading Rainbow my own review here? Seriously, tokusatsu is the future of mankind. If we are to survive, we must watch.

Completely unrelated: I’m pretty amazed at webcomickers that update their strips consistently and are able to stay funny and entertaining. Coming from someone that has attempted on more than one occasion to make some funny-pages, it can be hard to continue coming up with great ideas on a regular basis. After all, Dune Buggy was just the same joke over and over (and yeah, I personally thought it was pretty funny).

While I’m sort of writing all over the place as far as topics go, I’ve been meaning to mention since January how disappointed I’ve been with my Garfield desk calendar. Prime offense: on Mondays, the image never shows him being gloomy!

It’s a bit rubbish.

2 thoughts on “Monster Lawless Zone

  1. The tokusatsu people I know often fight amongst each other over whether BCI’s DVD release is even legal, since apparently BCI got the rights from Chaiyo and not Tsuburaya.Myself, I’m buying that set once the second volume comes out. Cheap, billingual Ultraman DVDs? Neo Nazis could be distributing them and I’d still buy them.

  2. Yeah, I addressed the issue passively in my review, because I’d rather not take up the space while talking about rubber monsters. It’s important for people to know so they can make their own decision, though.As for me, I’m already ass-deep in HK discs and DVD-Rs full of tokusatsu. Regardless of the questionability of BCI pulling from Chaiyo instead of Tsuburaya, it’s decidedly more legitimate than the alternatives people have on eBay.I fully recommend the set. It’s fantastic. Scratch just buying the DVDs from Neo Nazis, I’d deal with them just to get my hands on the “Monster Lawless Zone” episode. Also worth noting: most tokusatsu fans are humorless pricks.

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