Douchebag Daisenso

For some reason, the left side of my jaw has decided to fall back to a state of post-surgery swelling and soreness. In nothing short of an Abysmal Coincidence, this was paired yesterday with one of my only recorded major deadline fuck-ups.

Saddled with an article which I believed to be due by Friday at the earliest, I naturally was planning to never think about it ever, ever until the last possible minute (Microt? Nerd). Much to my surprise and subsequent woe, however, I learned Tuesday afternoon that it was actually due Monday: also known as a day that had already passed.

This wouldn’t have been an issue if it wasn’t such a bizarrely conceived (by Not Me) 1,400 word assignment. Flash forward to right now, which, depending on the accuracy of this post’s timestamp, should be Wednesday at around 8:15 am. Crisis averted thanks in no small part to the White Castle/Jabba’s Palace delicacy of jalapeno cheeseburgers and oversized energy drinks provided by a third party establishment. It’s funny how I don’t mind staying up late working on the script, but throw this shit at me and I need the digestible equivalent of corrosive acid to stay engaged.

It’s just too bad for you guys that blogger was being “2 Stubborn 2 Load” when I hit the most delirious point of the night.

2 thoughts on “Douchebag Daisenso

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