7 Days of Christmas: Day One

Okay, here’s how this works: The JLR is your very own advent calendar for the next seven days, and this is your first special rad treat. Behind each daily door lies some crappy video game art by me (I am drawing a new one each day, of course). They will start off simple, and get progressively more obscure. The first person to name the pictured game each day wins cash & prizes!

Did I mention the cash and prizes? Well, actually, there are only prizes, but they are some doozies. Each daily winner will receive a personalized drawing of them meeting Slamm Dunk! It will be posted here whenever I finish drawing it.

Now, open the first door!


4 thoughts on “7 Days of Christmas: Day One

  1. Though it was technically Ghouls ‘N Ghosts (Genesis), Brandon wins!At first I was thinking people shouldn’t be able to win everyday, but then I remembered that no one but like, five people read this blog, so your dreams may manifest through hard work and honest living.Though if you win everyday, by the end you might just be rimming Slamm in the pictures.

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