Requisite Clips Episode

2006, as many of you know, was quite the year! In fact, some would argue that this venerable blog did not exist before ’06. But they would be incorrect, so let’s take a quick look at our history here!

The Joseph Luster Report started in 2005, when this journal took a turn for the sexy. Interestingly enough, our intrepid author left it to a very handsome man to come up with the erotic new title. In April of 2006, however, the page was getting too big for its britches! The second season would require a much larger soundstage; one with enough area to house lavish jungle sets as well as a shrine dedicated to its creator.

Now, after two more seasons here, the studio still stands erect, much sturdier than its balsa wood brethren. This post marks the end of Season 3, so let’s take a look at what you may have missed this year:

Highlights Reel

• In April, we discovered how to craft a proper instruction manual.

• We counted down the best tokusatsu openings in May.

June saw man fighting wasp and too many zombie flicks.

July was most notable for the return of Slamm Dunk as well as a brand new BigWig film!

• One of the more robust months was August. Together, we fought helicopters, enjoyed exclusive comics, viewed more Slamm Dunk covers than ever before, and had an in-depth discussion with Patrick Macias about Kojiro Abe’s latest masterpiece.

• In September, we viewed the dark side of homelessness, and rode the short bus with Josh Ford.

October made Kamen Rider Amazon slightly sexier, but was otherwise uneventful.

• On the other hand, November brought us two entries in the Slamm Dunk Handbook!

December was truly the crescendo. You should recap it all.

Air your season 4 desires here, my friends. Rub the lamp vigorously!

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