I’m really trying to use all of my willpower not to blather on about Children of Men for a variety of reasons. One, I think so many people have already covered how great the movie is. Two, if I start writing about it, I’ll inevitably go into detail about how technically amazing it is, and start wailing on some of the insane continuous shots and see, I almost did it. Just go watch it.

Instead, I thought I’d finally put a project out to pasture. A lot of you probably recall the “smash hit” JLR-exclusive short comic Express from August of last year. That was a lot of fun, so I immediately started working on an unrelated follow-up called “I Can Fly.” After a couple of pages, though, I realized that it was pretty much the same thing!

It’s about a businessman that goes to the top of his building to commit suicide, but when he jumps off, wings come out of his ass and he suddenly starts to fly. Cut to the chase: shortly after spreading the word of his new-found love of life in the skies, the wings expand further, revealing a demon working its way out of his anus. The guy explodes, screaming “I can fly!”

If anyone really wants to see it finished, I’ll do that someday, but I might want to wait a while before becoming the “guy that draws comics in which stuff comes out of people’s asses.” Here’s the cover image and rough versions of the first two pages:

7 thoughts on “Wreckx-N-Effect

  1. Hm, I just assumed that was common knowledge, but I see that you’re Japanese. “Draw” is sort of an insider term for an intimate translation. As you can see, they are credited on the page opener!

  2. Sorry! Translate OK, stealing not. Just dont do anything unauthorize! I see you also “draw” Express. I remember reading that when I was 14 years old (makes me feel so old!). Dudu and Dirty are mine and mine friends favorite manga-ka! We are making a fan page soon! You will have to see it. We didn’t know they had fans outside of Japan!Rumiko Sada

  3. Wow, nice site, guys. I always love meeting new fans of those guys, as they’re my idols and working so closely to them is a dream come true.Unfortunately, it seems that they’ve also taken a bit of offense at the recent misunderstanding with how I represent their titles when posting them. It took a lot of humbling arguments to come to a final deal so I could continue to be their main translator, but I’ll detail this in my next post.

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