Paging Uncle Phil

Why is the judge from Phoenix Wright such a clueless dingbat? I’m finally finishing this game since I picked up the second one. I do not want to know you if you choose to press the buttons in lieu of barking out objections!

I guess I’m going to have to order Hotel Dusk online, because most of the game stores here are sold out of the couple copies they got, and many don’t think they’ll be getting more. Oh, a rough life indeed.

4 thoughts on “Paging Uncle Phil

  1. I’d recommend against checking game stores for hotel dusk. People seem to be having the worst luck there. I got my copy at target on the release day, and I’m hearing the general consensus that big box stores are a good place to find it. So check your targets, CCs, walmarts, BBs, or whatever else you got. Often it won’t appear on their website either.-Nick The Newbiep.s. I watched some of the old ninja turtles cartoon and couldn’t stop thinking about uncle phil whenever shredder talked.

  2. I had looked at Target but had no luck. I found it today, though, over at Gamestop. It was regular DS game price, so everything worked out!It’s almost impossible for me to watch Ninja Turtles now without cracking up everytime Shredder comes on.

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