In Which I Watch the Entire DOA Movie

If you are a keen internet user or a nerd with nothing better to do (I am both), then you are likely aware that someone posted all of Corey Yuen’s Dead or Alive flick on Google Video. I am watching it right now, because I must. So far I’m just five minutes in and there’s been a corny post-Zhang Yimou opening, hang-gliding, and sea pirates. This is going to be incredible.

Updates to follow.

Follow-up report: I’ve made it. Amazing. Folks, this is the new Street Fighter: the Movie.

3 thoughts on “In Which I Watch the Entire DOA Movie

  1. Yeah I agree. As far as fighting-game-movie-adaptations go, I’d rank them like this:Street Fighter < DOA < Mortal KombatSF would have been higher if Jean-Claude Van Damme weren’t involved

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