Hemmin’/Hawin’ 2K7

There’s been a lot going on lately. At least, as much as can possibly go on with someone that “works” from home, bound not by any substantial employment shackles. In fact, when I say that it’s been quite busy around here, there’s a good chance that I’m referring to how many TV games there are to play, or perhaps the next clay-animated short that’s being kicked around in my head.

Yes, the goings-on behind the scenes of Joseph Luster are ramshackle at best. One moment, there may be a car-tune I have to write about, while the next may involve the shooting of aliens and the reaping of rewards thereafter. Rest assured, however, that I have a lot of projects up my sleeve at the moment, many of which I hope to share with you all in some form on these very pages!

I am also deeply sorry that I do not have any Black History Month clips today! How does one even follow up something like The Thing with Two Heads? If you thirst for more J-Lust, then you may find some comfort nestled in my exciting Projector Review! I will come back and post my Lost Planet review later this evening.

Addendum: you must purchase my wares!

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