FFVI Advance

I don’t even want to know how many nerd points I lose for never having played through Final Fantasy VI. To be honest, I’ve owned the game in a few of its domestic incarnations and, since middle school, have probably played the first four or five hours a half dozen times. Still, I always lacked the drive to play further, an issue I have with the entire genre that has only worsened as I get older and my attention span somehow manages to steadily decline.

However, it recently came out on the Game Boy Advance, which, oddly enough, I find to be well-suited for long, grinding games. Not only can I save most anywhere I want, but I can get things done while I attend other pressing matters, such as everything else. I can also play it on my Gamecube when I feel like making it a TV Thang.

Long story short, I’m pretty deep in the game and I really love it. The branching narrative is well-done and, though huger nerds than myself will likely argue the matter for decades, I think the rewritten dialogue is a big improvement. I need to finish it in the next day or so, because it’s really going to start biting into my productivity.

One thought on “FFVI Advance

  1. I’ll save you the trouble! Celes and Locke travel back to the past through a wormhole that Kafka opens…and fuck…and give birth to a little girl named Terra!!!! That’s my attempt at FFVI fanfiction.

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