Blips from the Galactic Ghetto Memory Bank

Back in the mid-80s, there was a bit of a “Gas Baby fever” taking hold in Japan. Naturally, this led to tons of merchandise, from toys to TV games and so on. One of the most controversial games was 1986’s Gas Baby no Daibouken (or Gas Baby’s Big Adventure), an 80+ hour role playing game that was released after the comic had only been around for a few months. This, of course, resulted in about 70 hours of made-up story that had no relevance to the original narrative.

Recently, some hard data has finally been surfacing in relation to this lost gem, the first of which is an image from the Gas Baby no Daibouken Super Plus Perfect Guide (Parufekuto Puresu, 1986) depicting the end boss, whose name roughly translates to “Bigger Charles,” and was never present in the entire run of the actual comic. Hopefully we’ll be able to dig up some more!

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