One Step Closer to Beating this Blog

Alex Ward, creative director for Criterion, does not like the term “beat” in reference to finishing a game. That’s fine and all, because I solve games, mister. His rant cracked me up, though, and I’m going to have to rebuke his claim that it isn’t a viable term for all of life’s other ventures.

Anyhoo, Totilo talks about “beating” Black, inspiring a rant in which Alex Ward chastizes the use of the word “beat.” He asks if when you listen to a new CD, do you say you “beat” it? Or when you go to the library do you say you “beat the first floor” and “beat the second floor.” Or “beating” all the movies in the cineplex. He then talks about “beating” War and Peace, all three thousand pages.

In all of the internetter repostings about this, there sure is a lot of harsh talk about Black. I liked that game! I need to hurry up and go “beat” the toilet.

Alex Ward at DICE (Kotaku)
Original Video (

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