Galactic Guest Column

Time to switch things up some this weekend. For your perusing pleasure, a long-time friend of the Joseph Luster Report, John Kunkel, has something sexy to say and it concerns you and everything you are as an Earth human. Take it away, John.

• • •

Chariots of the Gods was a groundbreaking historical analysis written by Erich von Däniken which theorizes that ancient civilizations were more highly technologically advanced than ours, and, even more daring, that all humans spawned with extra-terrestrials many moons ago. This link has more information, or you could actually read the book and develop your own thoughts if you so desire.

What was most appealing to me about this inspiring text was that our ancestors possibly came from Mars. I always felt this was true as a child, especially when I watched Patrick Ewing play basketball on TNT… I knew parts of us simply were not human. It is beyond questioning, in my mind, that we humans are one part evolution from the ape/monkey, and one part created from “God.” Not “God” as in “the great one,” “the Father of Jesus,” “Abba father,” “Buddha,” “Mohammad,” “Daddy,” or any other religious association, but “God” as in a true “God” to primitive man – a smarter, faster, better version of being that flew in from the sky.

So if you happen to encounter a man from outer space, simply say, “Hello, great grandfather, good to finally meet you.” Deep down, all of us began as a wiggly sperm in a Martian’s sac combined with a twinkle in an ape-woman’s eye.

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