Retro Game Ads Rebirth: Alien Syndrome

I want to start talking about awesome old-school video game adverts in here, but I’m going to kick off with something really new. The below ad is for Sega’s Alien Syndrome game on Wii; I scanned it in from the back of the latest EGM. Why did this catch my eye?

Computer-colored comic look aside, the ad is straight out of 1989. Though it doesn’t go my preferred route of browbeating the consumer into purchasing the game through big font humiliation, the top-running text is certified dynamic.

Indeed, friends, you have to earn that Nanobot-Swarm-Cannon! It would have been off the scales if it ended that exclamation by calling the reader a “bozo.”

5 thoughts on “Retro Game Ads Rebirth: Alien Syndrome

  1. Remember that Sega ad that had a naked chick, but all her goods were covered by Saturn game screenshots? And at the bottom it said “Oh, by the way, there’s a naked woman on this page.” ? If I knew what it was back then, I so would’ve masturbated to that.

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