Drive Gets [Driving Pun] by [Driving Pun x2]

It looks like Fox Canceled Drive already. Let’s clarify some things first: It’s not a great show, but it has its moments, and it latches its hook in certain places. It’s like they used their good writers to whip up Nathan Fillion’s story, and then dispatched duty on the other characters to some interns. It also features the ugliest woman on television; not television ugly, but real world ugly.

This served as an instant boon for entertainment writers everywhere, all of which flocked to their computers to work on their very best”driving puns.”

Also for your added pleasure: JAPANESE BRUCE WILLIS!

One thought on “Drive Gets [Driving Pun] by [Driving Pun x2]

  1. Holy shit, that write-up in Variety was incredible! I think he seriously crammed as many puns as humanly possible. Kudos.Japanese Bruce Willis is my hero.Yipee Kai Yay, motherfucker.

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