The Wild Space Coyote from Beyond the Moon Howls— Heeding Its Call, the Hero Howls Back and Summons Winds that Take Jupiter for a Spin

It’s deadline crunch time, which, naturally, means I’m drinking Red Bull and making retarded Miis on my Wii in between sporadic bouts of mad writing. I wish there was some way for me to capture them off of the screen properly, because I made a pretty keen Mega Man and a decent Stacey Keach.

In other news, it’s now June, which means the new mag, Otaku USA, drops in a few days. I believe I mentioned it here before, but in case you guys forgot, you should go pick it up at your closest scummy book shop and read the words that flow from the pristine golden mind of myself and my compadres.

Expect more “JLR Exclusives” later today after I pass out and wake up from a slumber that will no doubt be filtered through the cut-out eyehole lenses of Kikaida and his closest friends.

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