Hype on First Sight Like White on White

How’s the new look? All gravy, or send that shit to hades? White on white, such a fright, or “sweet dreams, good night, this shit is so tight”?

Is it smellin’ like a yellin’ felon, or ripe and robust like a freshly picked melon? Does it live in trees and have greasy knees, or can its cheese freeze disease and make your enemies scream please?

Does it look like rotten cheddar with no chance of gettin’ better, or do its cool tones keep you heat-prone like a thick-necked woolen sweater?

Let me know it, but don’t blow it. Don’t get harsh like a swamp marsh or mince words like some songbirds. Leave impressions like confessions but don’t cuss at Lust-a-bust, ’cause our committee won’t be pretty and it’ll get meaty at the treaty.

3 thoughts on “Hype on First Sight Like White on White

  1. Looks like you done gone and decked the halls with big black balls. Changed the curtains for maximum hurtin’z. I swore I would not open the door to let in some whore, but with this decor, which I can’t ignore, I’d say it’s very much called for. Now I don’t mean to cuss, or cause a big fuss, but do you provide validation for gyration and vibration in this plantation of temptation?

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