Car-tune Week: Bravestarr

I love me some animation and, even at my wise age, I often prefer to get my “news” from the two-dimensional denizens of the Galactic Ghetto Glow-box. Still, I am not one to claw toward the heavens, screaming like some doomsayer in his last moments, “Dost thou remember this olde show? Was it not ‘rad’!?”

Conversely, I want to explore ‘toons I never watched, but probably should have. Whilst perusing intros, I have cataloged those with which I am not familiar, and the first of these potential epics is BRAVESTARR!

I like both cowboys and space, so I can’t believe I didn’t catch this show in my Jammy Days (the old testament version, that is, because I still wear jammies). I’m particularly intrigued by the horse that transforms into a muscled sidekick! I’ll try to dig up an episode.

So, was I “missing out”?

8 thoughts on “Car-tune Week: Bravestarr

  1. Fuck yes you missed out. I LOVED ME SOME BRAVESTARR. I had a couple of action figures from the show and I cherished those damn things as though they were the holy grail. I mean come on, his sidekick/steed was named Thirty/Thirty, as in the rifle. How bad ass is that? That and I remember Marshall Bravestarr having all of these rad native american powers that he got from his ancestor spirits.Man, why can’t cartoons still be this rad…

  2. There were a couple of Cowboys in Space shows that were on TV in the late 80s. Bravestarr was the fully American one. There was also the very awesome American written/Japanese animated Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers: the Imported from Japan Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs (original Japanese title – Seijushi Bismarck): I was able to watch all three, Galaxy Ranger was the best of them.

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