Star Fox 64 Revisited

I jammed this game a bit earlier to take a break from staring at blank text files, and boy does it ever hold up. Not visually, of course, because Nintendo 64 graphics age about as poorly as those on PSone. If Playstation is the Atari 2600 of the Pepsi Generation™, then N64 is the… Atari 7200, maybe.

But the gameplay is still out of this world (literally, hyuk!), and Koji Kondo’s score is really memorable (like Ocarina of Time in space). I remembered it being a little harder than it is, but you can always roll around searching for the secret tricks to open alternate paths. Even so, I played through the regular route twice in a row without dying once. I still need to get the “real ending,” and I recall that being kind of challenging.

One thing that really grinds my gears is how this game has more “voice acting” than pretty much any first party Nintendo game ever. Though I miss Falco’s “dub dub dub dab duh” speak, and the voices here sound like they’re coming through a Gameboy speaker, it’s a shame that Nintendo is still stuck in their world of gibberish and baby-talk.

Here’s a little anecdote about the game from when it was released. My friend Canaan asked me one day, I guess we were Sophomores in high school, “so, are you going to get Star Fox 64?” I looked at him, presumably with disdain, and responded snappily, “Why WOULDN’T I!?”

3 thoughts on “Star Fox 64 Revisited

  1. I liked that game too. I was under the assumption most people thought it paled compared to the original and thus was a disappointment.

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