Big Man Face: The Movie: The Rough Cut

Technically, Big Man Face: The Movie (a Blackluster film) has existed in rough cut form since 2005. However, it was always too long to upload, and I no longer have the original files on this computer. The HD tapes remain in LA, where it shall one day see completion!

Some things you should know about the rough cut, for it is an interesting tale! Fit the first: there is none of the original audio in this version. Until we pony up for some studio time, the movie’s only sound is comprised of some last minute ghetto dubbing done in Wes’ apartment (AKA Casa de Boi).

Secondly, you’ll notice there is quite a bit of green screen here! I’d like to think we inspired the conception of Zack Snyder’s 300, but, unfortunately, we lack their resources! Use your imagination- the backgrounds are all going to be cartoony drawings, set between an animation sequence at the beginning (partially depicted in this lovely comic page), one of the short bus crashing, and a wild montage of people chasing BMF in his carriage.

Other than that, enjoy! The makeup FX were done by the legendary Gabe Bartalos, and the movie stars Jason Fisher, as well as a few others and about a dozen versions of Wes and myself.

Part One

Part Two

Part One & Part Two (YouTube)

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