Radio Jingle

I’m back from Baltimore, but now I’m rolling out to New Orleans tomorrow morning to have brutal “knife fights” with hobos! I’ll bring my computer, though, so hopefully I’ll actually do some updating. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a savage picture from Otakon (and post more later).

(left to right) Dude on Bicycle, Pete, Umair, Jimmy, Me, Canaan

5 thoughts on “Radio Jingle

  1. Man, what a handsome bunch of sonsofbitches!Oh, and Mr. Coco, please be sure to arm yourself with a “2×4 with bolts” when assaulting the Louisiana homeless population. I find it to be a weapon worth its weight in gold.

  2. That little Azn hims is lookin’ ready to stuff and pop in the oven for a Thanksgiving feast. Hims goodness!Love and tickles,Dickhead (pronounced Dee-Keed you ignorant son of a bitch)

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