More Like… You know

My original intention today was to document a trip around the ‘Ville; an effort to find the most obscure place to procure Halo 3, this indie homebrew game you may or may not have heard of. I figured I could find one at a dry cleaners, perhaps with a preorder given out with every 4 shirt cleanings. Maybe the local pizzeria would have a few in their crane game.

But alas, gas is expensive and I am lazy. I ended up going to Best Buy around noon where, just as I had reassured the employees of Gamestop and the like, copies were plentiful. Legendary Editions stood stacked like the very crates I would be shooting later this day.

Going to an actual store— you know, one that doesn’t shake you down with questions every time you walk in— is by and large a more rewarding experience than visiting one of these Game Coffins. Please note that the clerk at Best Buy did not ask me, an empty handed man, if I had any “games ta’ trade.” They did not present me with a binder in demand that I peruse it to see if there were any “hot games” I wanted to put real, actual money down on; games that do not currently exist.

And now I am playing Halo 3.

2 thoughts on “More Like… You know

  1. Yeah, I went and wasted $10 on Overnight shipping from The kicker? The bitchmonster from the front desk forgo to get my package, so I wont be able to bask in the Master Chief-oriented frenzy of whoopass until tomorrow.

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