Spooky Toy of the Day: Creepy Crawlers/Mad Scientist

I’ll be honest right up front, I never owned any of these. This is most notable because pretty much every ratty, grody toy available during my childhood rests somewhere in my basement. The Creepy Crawler and Mad Scientist lines are also significant for being somewhat of an apex for the “gross” era* of children’s toys. This isn’t to say that they were the best, but it was certainly all downhill after these.

Now kids just like to play with little big-eyed Jappernese crud; boys that look like girls that look like boys that look like girls. With that in mind, let’s take this moment to be transported back to a time when kids enjoyed concocting fake bugs, boogers, brains and, um, Power Rangers!

I love the kid at the beginning that corrects the announcer!

* Of course, I’m more referring to Toymax’s 1992 revival of CC.

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