Wart/Tryclyde 2008

Alright Nintendo, we all know how tough and cool Bowser/King Koopa is. Now that you got another generation of kiddies acquainted with your big bucks baddie, I think it’s time to bring back your most under-appreciated villain of all time: Wart.

I know that you might not consider Super Mario Bros. 2 a “proper” Mario game, but Shyguys are some of the only enemies therein that don’t still get the shaft to this day. The rogues gallery for 2 is pretty incredible, and it’s hard to choose a running partner-in-crime for Wart when villains like Mouser are the contenders (he’s kind of a terrorist, though).

Nevertheless, I’m going to nominate Tryclyde for this coveted honor. With these two madmen-in-cahoots fronting the next game’s story, I think we’ll have another platforming classic on our hands. Imagine the orchestral arrangements of SMB2 tunes!

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