Yoshiaki Koizumi Galaxy

I swear this isn’t going to become some 10 year-old’s Mario blog, really (or is it?)! Nevertheless, I’m compelled to post about Super Mario Galaxy director Yoshiaki Koizumi, because he’s fast becoming one of the more interesting visionaries in games today. I first read an interview with him the other day at Gamespot (or “Cashwh0re,” for you Destructoid readers), but didn’t really find it interesting in the least.

I should have known that this had more to do with the interviewer than the interviewee, because today’s interview by Chris Kohler over at Wired’s Game|Life blog is pretty illuminating. Of special interest, to me at least, is the way that he’s been sneaking story into these games and, of course, that his first job at Nintendo was writing the instruction manuals!

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