Game Renaissance to Hit Newsstands in Past

Residents of the USA circa 2002 can expect to be treated to the hottest gaming mag on the block soon! That’s right, Pat Sanders and Joseph Luster are retroactively wheeling their videogame magazine into the past via a crude Stargate curiously located in or around Sanders’ rectum. Newsstands from five years ago are reportedly “excited to see if this works,” while others are either blissfully unaware or “nervous about the idea of a magazine traveling through a rectal wormhole.”

Here’s the cover of their first issue, which was (previously thought to be) doomed from the start. Though there is no real content inside its pages, Sanders is “confident that the magazine will be filled and fully designed at some point during the time travel process.”

On the subject, Managing Editor Joseph Luster had this to say: “We haven’t worked on [Game Renaissance] in years, but I’m sure that it will sell well in the past because I am on the cover in Freddy Kreuger makeup.”

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