Rambo Week: Afterthoughts I

I want to go see Rambo again already. Since I probably won’t do that for another day or two, I’m satisfying my urge by reading up on the film’s production. This has probably been around for a bit, but here’s a good article on just that.

You might want to wait until you see it before reading it, though! Same goes for Maitland McDonagh‘s review of the flick, which is short, to the point, and mentions Cannibal Holocaust, to which I drew a lot of parallels while watching Rambo (truly a modern shock-exploitation movie), as well.

Links courtesy of Joseph Shieh
StalloneZone image stolen by me!

4 thoughts on “Rambo Week: Afterthoughts I

  1. Mmm, “shock-exploitation” is one of those genres I don’t really feel the need to delve into >_< Glad you enjoyed it, though. After all that build-up it would've been tragic to see a flop.

  2. Yeah, I would have cried in a heap if it ended up being bad. Maybe calling Rambo that is a little sensational, because it’s an action movie first and foremost.But it’s also really, really violent.

  3. The VFX producer for Rambo posted a Q&A thread on the Something Awful forums that’s an excellent read. Note that it assumes you’ve seen the film already:http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=2752538When I first saw the movie, I immediately declared it the finest film in ages, which merely intensified my anger that nobody I know aside from the nine people I went to the theater with actually saw this thing. Just about everyone I know refuses to see the movie outright. These people are why Meet the Spartans is the #1 movie in America. Heresy has truly grown from idleness.

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