24 Hours in Monster World

Rad illustration by Daniel Krall
I know I had mentioned this article before, but now I can link it since it’s recently been posted on the Otaku USA website, excerpted from its original home in the magazine proper. In it, I perhaps lose a bit of my mind as I spend a day cranking through the PS2 Monster World Collection. It’s kind of like 24, but with fewer explosions and more full-frontal male nudity.

24 Hours in Monster World

I should note that the article, as it was originally printed, ended with an illustration by yours truly that I can’t find at the moment, depicting an old cartoon prospector takin’ a gander at my mummified corpse and captioned as follows:

“And to this very day, here he sits, forever etched into the Earth in his stoney tomb… forever playin’ them dang TV games!”

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