The Brain Drain

I think trying to post after Kunkel’s Alien Theoriez momentarily broke my brain. It’s a tough act to follow, to say the least!

Last night I checked out the new Dario Argento flick, Mother of Tears: The Third Mother, and aside from the fact that it’s really slow (even with generous gore), and has pretty much zero style as far as cinematography and production design goes, I was most alarmed by Asia Argento’s sudden transformation into Lil’ Dario.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

Is that Lil’ Dario on the right? It is!
Hopefully the father/daughter team that I shall now dub the Super Dario Bros. will team up again on a more exciting flick in the near future. As it is, this falls somewhere between Masters of Horror entries Jenifer and Pelts on the quality scale.

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